There is no more requirement of a tutor to teach you a particular language. As the world is going the techy way here comes the software which will interact with you. Let’s make it simple.

This is software where you have to listen, record and keep track of your growth in the particular language you want to learn. The software name is i-Lotus where i stand for interactive. i-lotus was launched on January 28, 2011 to introduce a range of interactive educational products. i-lotus will soon be India’s largest educational ipublisher.The basic product of i-lotus is as follows:

  • i-lotus interactive English
  • linguaphone 21 print + SRS
  • iLotus SRS
  • Linguaphone business English
  • Linguaphone children English
  • Foreign languages

The international language is English and it is essential for everyone to have the knowledge of the language. This software can be used by a person who wants to improve English speaking or who wants to gain additional help in their career through fluent English.

The  i-Lotus app works as follows:

  • The learner listens to Linguaphone and then records his own voice.
  • A graph visually represents the learner’s speech and compares it with L-21
  • SRS gives marks on 4 key aspects: pronunciation, Pitch, timing and Loundness
  • iLotus SRS acts as the “built in Teacher”
  • iLotus SRS contains 72 role plays that give the learner conversational practice in ”real life situations”
  • Written test certification through the Linguaphone Correspondence Course.  ( To be purchased separately).
  • Oral test certification through iLotus SRS

In India it is already been implemented by Pune university. In India rural village’s college is lack of support of infrastructure. Pune University has invested Rs. 8,00,000  for language labs. In Ahmednagar, language lab has been setup and thousands of villagers are benefiting from it.

So Linguaphone is beneficial to all genre of people be it business, children, housewife’s. The best part is you can learn any language using linguaphone as your mother tongue. So check the website www.lotuslearing.com for more information and purchase the software.

Most people do not work on their accents. But a good English pronunciation will make people understand easily and be willing to listen more carefully.

There are many people who spend years using a language and never get rid of a heavy accent. The accent is one of the most important things to be understood when someone speak English. Lots of people have to repeat what they are saying just because of their pronunciation.

If the sound of word is differing it may also lead the listener to some other meanings, and if this happens, it is very much obvious that it is not a proper communication. To avoid such kind of problems, people need to have the correct pronunciation.

The solution to speak English clearly and confidently is to practice. iLOTUS provides a software who helps students to improve their accent and pronunciation. It‘s the perfect solution for those who wants to perfect their pronunciation, Pitch, Timing and Loudness.

iLotus SRS (Speech Recognition Software) includes the following points :

-          The learner listens to Linguaphone and then records his own voice.

-          A graph visually represents the learner’s speech and compares it with L-21.

-          SRS gives marks on 4 key aspects: Pronunciation, Pitch, Timing and Loudness.

-          iLotus SRS acts as the “built in Teacher”

-          iLotus SRS contains 72 role plays that give the learner conversational practice in “real life situations”.

-          Oral test certification through iLotus SRS

The result from the iLotus SRS is a clear and standard pronunciation that will give more confidence to ensure a good communication.

In this era of stiff competition, good communication skills are very important to get a job in a good company. In case of India, English is considered important for almost any job. In most govt. schools and even the private schools, English thought is not up to the mark; hence students join private English speaking courses, which hardly bring any change in their spoken English. This turns down potential opportunities for many students even if they are qualified.

Lotus Learning is a language laboratory service providing firm, which has simply changed the way India used to learn English. Lotus Learning was founded on December 15, 1984 by Mina Krishnan. It is an exclusive Indian licensees and distributors for Linguaphone UK and Highlights USA. In addition, it also creates and markets their educational products.

Till now Lotus Learning has Labs installed in over 525 universities, schools and colleges, which is a figure big enough to describe its success. And some of its other achievements are

  • Government projects in AP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra for student and teacher training.
  • 25,000 individuals have invested in the programs for their own use.

Hence Lotus Learning’s credibility is simply visible. If you as a student, looking for a good English teacher then Lotus Learning are the one you can trust, to enhance your skills and confidence to speak fluent English.

Language is essential for expressing ideas, opinions, views, emotions etc. It is an effective means to effective leadership. One of the essential qualities of an effective leader is the command over oral ability in the language of communication. In other words effective oral communication is a key to successful leadership.

Main functions

Screen Broadcast

Screen Broadcast is one of the most important functions of the iLotus English language lab software. Teacher can broadcast the screen to one or more of the students in a class in either Full Screen or Windowed mode. It also can broadcast teacher voice and system sound at the same time.

Voice Broadcast

The iLotus English language lab software allows teacher to use audible communications to all the students via microphones, headphone and speakers while running Voice Broadcast.

Net Movie

Teachers can play media files on teacher computer and broadcast the media to the entire class. Students don’t have to download the media file from the teacher’s disk, nor does the teacher have to share the media file with students. The process uses any format of streaming media over networking.

Virtual Recording

Teachers can transfer any media files to students, make them to record & compare their voice with master track with graphical wave form to improve their pronunciation skills.

Speed Variations

Students can adjust the level of the speed of Audio / Video files according to their levels.

Screen Recording & Playback

iLotus software allows you to record operations from your desktop into a file, and then playback the file to students.

Student Screen Lock

Teacher can get the attention of one or more students in your class by locking their mouse devices, keyboards and desktops and presenting them with a simple message on the screen.

Remote Control

The iLotus English Language Lab software allows teacher to remotely wakeup, shutdown monitor & record students’ PCs with only one mouse click. Teacher can able to block students on surfing internet, applications & USB storage drive while conducting classes.

Paperless Examination

Teacher can conduct multiple formats of exams like one answer, multiple choices, alternate & easy type with images. Automatic grading of each student results & transfers the result to every student.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion allows you to divide students into several groups. Students in each group can chat with one another. The teacher can select a group to join and chat with another group.

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