Core Services

We work with early careers (apprentices and graduates), new managers and more senior executives.

L&D Strategy

We serve our clients’ by partnering with them to build robust learning and development strategies. As part of the partnering process, we help you define your goals and identify areas of development.

There are 4 stages to the engagement cycle:

  • Assessment – skills mapping to identify strengths and gaps across teams
  • Design - bespoke development plans to build specific competencies and cultural change
  • Delivery - individual learning paths, self-led learning and group coaching
  • Evaluation - we measure data and assess the effectiveness of the learning interventions
Career Coaching

We have a large team of qualified coaches who can offer 1:1 support for career development. We use a range of specialist psychometric testing offerings including: Insights Discovery, EQ 2.0 and SHL OBQ

1:1 sessions (typically a package of 6 sessions) involve:

  • Identifying individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Setting specific goals and creating a practical plan of action to move forward
  • Providing feedback and insights to help uncover blind spots
  • Accountability and support to ensure lasting transformation
Group Training

Our workshops can be delivered in person or virtually.  Sessions include behavioural science, live coaching, commercial case studies, points of self-reflection, role play scenarios, interactive polls and group discussions.

Benefits of attending our workshops include:

  • Learning new skills and practicing together in a fun and safe environment
  • The opportunity for peer-peer learning, relationship building and networking
  • Improved self-awareness of competencies that can be further developed
  • A better understanding of team and business dynamics

Our Solutions

Our 3 core learning solutions help employees develop and strengthen 9 key competencies that optimise performance in the workplace.

Success Mindset

Career Confidence

What's Included

Leveraging Personal Brand

How to build and maintain a professional reputation.

Navigating Career Progression

How to take ownership of a career journey

Inner Resilience

What's Included

Performing under pressure

How to manage stress to achieve peak performance

Bouncing back from setbacks

How to deal with failure and setbacks

Emotional Intelligence

What's Included

Tuning into emotions

How to use EQ to strengthen relationships

Growing through change

How to become more change agile

Professional Skills

Effective Communication

What's Included

Embracing Courageous Conversations

How to give feedback and resolve conflict

Delivering with impact

How to improve presentation & storytelling skills

Productive Habits

What's Included

working smarter

How to set goals and be more productive

Making Better Decisions

How to make good decisions and problem solve

Team Collaboration

What's Included

Exploring Working Styles

How to collaborate as a team player

Becoming an inclusion ally

How to support diversity and inclusion

Leadership Development

Performance Management

What's Included

Unlocking talent

How to get the best out of individuals

Empowering Through Coaching

How to use coaching as a development tool

Strategic Influence

What's Included

Influencing Stakeholders

How to influence and inspire others

building trust & accountability

How to build a high performing team

Conscious Leadership

What's Included

thinking like a leader

How to lead consciously and avoid common pitfalls

Leading inclusively

How to build an environment of inclusion and belonging


Here are some kind words that previous clients have had to say about us.

I have known Chirag for over 10 years and he has helped me make some big life decisions. I’ve always admired his honesty, open and direct approach. He is not scared to tell it as it is because his intention is always coming from a good place.

Jay Shetty
Award Winning Host & Filmmaker

In a world of corporate platitudes, I found his coaching style to be a breath of fresh air. It is clear that Chirag has a deep passion for bringing out the best in people. His sessions were engaging, colourful and insightful.

Rajiv Nanalal
Global Head of EBS

I appreciated Chirag’s calm demeanour and his ability to use his knowledge in a practical and relevant manner. He was able to communicate effectively with all team members - everyone from junior administrators to senior executives.

Richard Spenner
General Legal Counsel, Willis Towers Watson

I'm very privileged to have Chirag as my coach. He has a very authentic and caring approach to coaching which is focused on trust and openness. In addition, he has great ability to look at all aspects of my life and hone into specific growth improvement areas

Harshal Gore
Director, GS1 UK

Lotus Learning Introductory Video

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more likely to stay with a company, if employees believe they can achieve their career goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called Lotus Learning?

The Lotus is an ancient symbol of potential, transformation and resilience. Everyday this flower rises up above murky water and unfolds its petals to reveal its true potential.

We are committed to giving employees the skills and support they need to rise above daily challenges and flourish brightly at work.

Do you offer bespoke workshops?

We have 18 “off the shelf” workshop topics which are usually tailored to meet our clients needs. However, we also design and deliver bespoke sessions.

Please contact us for pricing and client case studies.

Are your workshops online or in person?

Our workshops are delivered both in person and virtually.

Still have questions?

Get in touch if you have any other questions or enquiries.

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