About Us

We transform the way people think, feel and behave at work, equipping them with the support and tools they need to thrive.

We ignite the spark to learn

Our approach is grounded in psychological research and a comprehensive learning methodology. We also strongly believe that learning should be fun, engaging and entertaining. We connect through story, games and quizzes to infuse participants with energy and enthusiasm.

We are experienced

All our trainers come from successful corporate backgrounds and have experience of working with the companies all over the world. We pride ourselves in being practitioners more than academics and always bring case studies, personal examples and commercial awareness to the sessions.

We tailor every time

We offer bespoke services - flexing to meet our clients’ needs in terms of content, length of session, audience, format of delivery (face to face or virtual) and alignment with existing learning and development strategy and outcomes.

We are qualified coaches

Our trainers are also qualified coaches. This allows us to adopt a group coaching approach to our workshops and really understand the challenges that participants are facing. As a result, you will see discussions, great questions and moments of clarity.

We call out the so what

We help participants understand what’s in it for them so that they feel inspired and motivated to transform habits and create sustainable behavioural change. It's never learning just for the sake of learning – its learning that will tangibly benefit them both at work and at home.

We add value to your business

Working with us will lead to improved performance and enhanced productivity. Employees who feel supported and are constantly growing have better morale, greater job satisfaction and improved well being.  This investment in your people will help to attract and retain top talent and will ultimately drive your financial success.