Our Workshops

We offer 18 different workshops which help employees develop 9 fundamental workplace competencies

Success Mindset

Leverage Personal Brand


Enhance professional reputation by playing to strengths and adding greater value.

Participants learn how to network effectively and leverage their personal brand in the workplace.  They develop greater self-awareness by reflecting on how their own values, strengths, and skills align with organisational goals.

Navigate Career

Adopt a growth mindset and develop a plan of action to achieve professional success.

Participants discover the many benefits of being a constant learner and seeking continuous improvement in their roles.  They learn ways to build confidence, boost job performance and reflect on how to further career advancement.

Tune Into Emotions

Manage emotions and strengthen relationships by better understanding those around you.

Participants consider the importance of self-regulation, empathy and effective communication for relationship building. They build emotional intelligence skills by doing an EQ self-assessment, journaling from different perspectives and empathy mapping.

Grow Through Change

See change as an opportunity to grow and support others through periods of transition.

Participants become more change agile in their own lives and develop the skills needed to lead others through periods of transition.  They also learn how to recognise and deal with emotional responses which inevitably come up for individuals on a change journey.

Thrive Under Pressure

Find the optimal personal level of stress to achieve success.

Participants develop a better understanding of personal stress triggers, awareness of how they are impacted by stress and adopt techniques to continue performing when under pressure. They also consider energy management tips to boost overall productivity and wellbeing.

Bounce Back from Setbacks

Bounce back from adversity, failure and challenging situations at work.

Participants develop the skills and mindset needed to overcome failures and learn from mistakes.  They also learn how to handle setbacks in a healthy and productive way so they can move forward with greater confidence and resilience.

Professional Skills

Courageous Conversations

Build the confidence needed to have challenging and courageous conversations at work.

Participants leave with the tools and strategies needed to effectively navigate challenging conversations in the workplace, including how to give and receive feedback and achieve constructive dialogue. They practice role playing these skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Deliver with Impact

Deliver messages virtually and in person with greater confidence, clarity and credibility.

Participants learn about the power of storytelling, structure and body language when sharing a business message.  They practice delivering presentations and are given live coaching and feedback on style and content so that they can deliver with greater impact.

Make Better Decisions

Make better decisions and become an effective problem solver.

Participants learn about different decision-making styles and explore common biases which could lead to poor decisions. They also consider different problem solving frameworks and practice out of the box techniques to generate innovative solutions.

Work Smarter

Work smarter by goal setting, prioritising tasks and effective time management.

Participants learn how to set the right goals, apply different prioritisation models and manage time more effectively. They also reflect on personal habits that might be negatively impacting their levels of focus and productivity at work.

Become an Inclusion Ally

Become an inclusion ally by appreciating diversity and supporting a culture of belonging.

Participants reflect on the role they have in creating a culture of inclusion and belonging.  They learn about in-group dynamics, micro-messages and the skills needed to call out examples of bias, language and behaviour that can lead to feelings of exclusion.

Explore Working Styles

Collaborate more effectively when working within a team of different personality types.

Participants explore different personality types within their teams and reflect on how they can use that insight to collaborate more effectively. They also learn how to manage expectations and boundaries and repair strained relationships.

Leadership Development

Unlock Individual Talent

Boost individual and team performance by creating conditions to unlock team talent.

Participants reflect on unlocking team talent by exploring different motivational drivers, learning how to flex when providing situational leadership and adopting techniques to delegate more effectively.  They also explore unintentional inhibitors that might be preventing team development.

Empower Through Coaching

Use individual and team coaching as a management tool to shape futures.

Participants consider the benefits and challenges of adopting coaching v mentoring approach when supporting the development of their team.  They learn key coaching principles and practice coaching with peers using template questions to solve real work challenges.

Build Trust & Accountability

Develop a high-performance culture based on the principles of accountability, trust and teamwork.

Participants learn how to build a culture of high performance by leading with trust, encouraging ownership and accountability and promoting transparency.  They also explore the risks of common cultural tripwires that can undermine team cohesion and success.

Influence Stakeholders

Adopt principles of influence to achieve more “win-wins” with key stakeholders.

Participants discuss Cialdini's six principles of influence (reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and social proof) and reflect on the practical applications of each principle in relation to their stakeholders.  They also role play using various tactics for when they face resistance.

Think Like A Leader

Adopt the mindset needed to become a better manager and leader.

Participants develop the mindset, skills, and behaviours necessary to think and act like a leader.  They reflect on unhelpful management habits they may have picked up and consider changes needed to get the best of their teams.

Create Psychological Safety

Create a healthy working environment where individuals feel valued and accepted.

Participants explore a variety of ways to build a culture of psychological safety, they learn how to recognise and manage their own biases and practice addressing sensitive “political” topics and opinions that might come up at work.